The project

The development is composed of 4 state-of-the-art villas and 2 luxury apartments. Great care and effort has been taken to select only the finest materials and cutting-edge technology. By anticipating clients’ needs, Domus Solis create extraordinary homes to a discerning client base.

The buildings develop in two components, structured on terraces, each of them giving place to three separate properties. This arrangement allows both ideal distribution of the volumes. The two blocks are not set parallel to one other, therefore optimizing the value of the outdoor spaces, as well as maximizing sunlight exposition and views from all the units.

The exclusive wide panoramic terraces are a distinctive mark of Domus Solis and, thanks to their significant size, give to each unit a truly remarkable ambience. The heated infinity pools on each terrace add to the extraordinary lifestyle of the residences.

Each unit is characterized by the utmost attention placed on each detail, by the selective choice of high quality materials and finishes, by the most up-to-date air-conditioning and heating systems and by domotics and safety features - all conceived to make living conditions as serene, efficient and safe as possible.

All the residences have underground parking with multiple spaces for each unit, and there is a communal fitness area equipped with state-of-the-art facilities allowing residents to keep in shape without leaving home, and the spa, always available to relax in.

All the features contemplated so far, combined with the developers’ extraordinary passion, make Domus Solis a choice that goes beyond just dwelling, but offers a lifestyle which is intimately linked with the concept of well-being.